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Hello and Welcome To Fantastic Friday with the Toddler 1 room.

Today there were many interest areas set up for the children. Each child had a choice on what they wanted to do and they moved around freely throughout the morning. The was a drawing table, animals and farm, (which the children have been interested in for weeks),  a train track and train, tools and tool-set and tea set and home and kitchen utensils.  All the Toddlers were so busy when they were in the areas. The social skills in the Toddler room has increased so much over the last few weeks, which is wonderful see!



Mr Nick ( the centre maintenance man ) was blowing and cleaning all the leaves up in the yard. The Toddlers spent  about 20 minutes looking out the window watching him and giggling as blew the balls around. This was so great to see them interacting with him and becoming aware of the outdoors while being indoors.

Then it was time for Music and Movement time with Miss Sue and Miss Shawn. The toddlers loved to dance to Crazy Frog’s Crazy Hits Christmas Edition. They were moving around the room, smiling, giggling and at one point they were all on the floor doing planks together 🙂  It was so much fun! It was great to see all the children’s unique dance moves.


After our energetic dancing Miss Sue guided the children into a body balance and yoga to quiet down.  The toddlers did really well with listening and following instructions.

Miss Shawn practice the Christmas songs for the Christmas Concert with the toddlers and they all tried singing all the words but loved looking at the pictures in the book.

Another great end to a busy week. Have a wonderful weekend Toddler 1 Families!

From Miss Sue and Miss Shawn