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Today was very active and productive for the Toddler 1 room. Before morning tea time and all mealtimes educators sit at the bathroom door with the children to transition them to wash their hands. Miss Shawn sat with the children this morning and we all sang Top and Bottom Hand washing song. The children all know it now and are very good at waiting for their name to be called. Once they all wash their hands, they are becoming really independent now that it is the end of the year. They pick up their own water bottles from the trolley and sit where they choose.











In the Tent this morning Saxon and Lazar were very busy using the tools and hammers to fix the picnic table.  Saxon was bust making coffee for both of them . Saxon said ” Would you like some coffee. and Lazar replied ” Yes” and they kept working. This shows that both boys are becoming aware of their outdoor environment and using role play and conversation to understand their world around them.

Miss Fiona came to visit our room today to see Jules. This was a great chance for the children to interact with another person outside of their daycare environment.  Here is a picture of Miss Fernanda ( she is taking Jules temperature)  and Miss Fiona is having a play with him.

The pom poms, spoons and egg cups was a fantastic activity for the children. They explored and discover different ways to use them. Sophie and Leila filled the egg cups up with the pom poms and said they were making coffee and Arianna took a small piano from the doll house and placed a pom poms on top of it one at a time. Educators allow the children to have a choice on what they do and observe and acknowledge that each child is different and unique in their own way.

To continue some of the Halloween activties the children had a chance to decorate a pumpkin with orange and yellow paper. They sat down in groups of 4 sticking the cut paper onto the pumpkin. Small groups encourage children to interact closely with one another and observe and learn from each other.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Miss Shawn, Miss Sue, Miss Alex and Miss Fernanda