Hello and Welcome to Friday! The children had a lot of fun on the bouncy balls in the yard this morning. Tianna and Sophie were giggling together. Arianna stood by them watching smiling, waiting her turn.  Sophie let Arianna have a turn, which Arianna seemed very happy about.

Inside play was very calm and interactive today. After morning tea, each child found something they wanted to play with. Miss Sue has had the tent out for a few months, which the children really enjoy. Today there were babies, nappies and baby clothes in it. The girls Ocean, Leila, Daisy, Sophie, Arianna, Tianna and Blake brought the babies to Miss Shawn and ask her to help put the clothes on. Ocean liked putting a nappy on a teddy bear, Blake gave a baby and bottle to Miss Shawn and said ” You can have her”  The girls were very nurturing today with their babies, giving them lots of cuddles and looking after them. This was a beautiful activity showing that the girls were taking care of people smaller then them. It was so beautiful to see.

Lazar, George, Jules loved to played with the animals and build homes for them out of blocks. George and Lazar used the tools together and looked like they were hard a work! Its wonderful to see that the children are bringing in what they see in their outdoor environment into Kindy.

Music and Movement time we had a good dance to Crazy Frog again and today the children naturally held hands and danced in a circle together. Their social skills and interactions are growing everyday.

We had some quiet time outside before lunch to draw with meditation music, which is a mindful practice giving the children time to calm their minds and bodies down before sleep.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm and dry!

From/ Love Miss Shawn and Miss Sue