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Hello and Happy Friday!

Today it’s Miss Shawn and Miss Sue’s last day working together with your beautiful children.  It has been a privilege and so much fun to watch your children grow and develop over the year. Today was full of fun, laughter and lots of activties guided by the children’s interest.

We had Sophie and Blake looking after the dolly’s. When Miss Shawn asked what they were doing, they replied ” Going to Sea world. ” Saxon, Lazar and George were busy building with blocks and told Miss Shawn and Miss Sue it was a Robot.  Jules was very busy on the little BBQ cooking had a great big smile today! Leila and Arianna played well together moving from one area to another.

We had a couple quiet moments throughout the day, one which Miss Sue read a book that George brought in called ”  Big Machines” all about different trucks and diggers.

It was a fantastic day!  Have a lovely weekend.


Miss Shawn and Miss Sue