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Hello and welcome to Fun Friday as the adventures continue with our friends in the toddler 1 room.

The friendships that have grown and blossomed over the last few months is amazing! In the playground this morning, Ocean, Daisy, Lazar and George were running around chasing each other. They then made a line in the deck area and said “Ready Steady Go!” and ran together. It was so lovely to listen and observe their laughter and calling out to each other.

Inside the tent area continues to be very popular. Leila, Tianna, Sophie and Arianna gathered around while Leila poured them all cups of tea. Its great to see the children using the heuristic play to discover and explore and connect to their outer world.

Sophie shared her barbie-dolls with Blake and Miss Alex, which was wonderful to see,  while George and Saxon went around the room vacuuming. George held the vacuum, while Saxon held the cord making a noise that a vacuum makes. Fantastic Team work!

The babies area with bottles, bibs and nappies was a popular activity today. Jules and George helped each other feed their babies. This helps the children to practice helping, sharing, caring and nurturing.

For art we collected flowers from the garden for floral day. The children used the flowers and glue to make a collage on colourful paper. This was a great natural experience to bring awareness.

Throughout the day the children have helped pack away their activties and sang the pack away song as they did it. A fantastic productive and fum day again in the Toddler 1 room.

To all of our families, have a lovely weekend.

Miss Sue, Miss Shawn and Miss Alex