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Hello and Welcome to Happy Friday! Today in the Toddler 1 room we continue with the Halloween Theme. Miss Sue sat with both Toddlers classes and did a a Halloween Puppet show. There was Frankenstein, a Mummy and a  Dracula that sang and walked around the deck. The children smiled and laughed as Miss Sue showed them.

We had some great dress ups for Halloween today. There were witches, cats, a Batman and other superheros. We even had a jack -o-lantern.

The toddler 1 room loved to explore the yard and show their friends their costumes. Miss Shawn brought some Halloween balloons in and the children loved throwing them up in the air and catching them. We turned out the light and put the small candles on for the children to see as well.  The children were practicing blowing out the candles and sharing with their friends. We had a lovely morning.

At lunch time we had a picnic with Halloween plates that Miss Sue brought in. The children ate lots of pizza and salad while telling each other and the educators what they saw on their plates.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Shawn, Miss Sue, and Miss Alex