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Hello and welcome to our nice and peaceful Monday in Toddlers 1 room. The sandpit area was  very popular with George, Ocean, Arianna and Millie who helped each other in building  sand castles.

For art we collected flowers, leaves and tiny branches from the garden to use with our painting activity. Miss Rowena got red, yellow and black paint and  explained to the children that this week we are celebrating NAIDOC  week that’s why we chose these Aboriginal colours. She also explained what these colours represent.  This was a great learning  experience which is also a sense of cultural awareness for our Toddlers who had their best listening ears on. Everyone participated in this activity, making their own Aboriginal art. Well done Toddlers 1.

After packing away, we transitioned on the mat and sang “I Can Sing a Rainbow Song”, “Incy Wincy Spider” and  ABC before we set out out for more outdoor play. Leila and Sophie were chasing each other on the fort/bridge while George, Jules, Ocean, Daisy, Arianna,Millie, Joaquim and Tianna were happy to go back to the sandpit.

Soon it was time to sing our hand washing song and have our  sausage rolls and salad for lunch. All the children were hungry and enjoyed our delicious lunch.

Have a lovely afternoon to all Toddler 1 families and friends. Love from Miss Sue, Miss Parisa and Miss Rowena xoxoxo