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Hello and welcome to toddler 1 room news on a Happy Thursday with a very eventful morning. Tumble tots for Saxon, Lazar and Max who were very excited to see Miss Kim and Miss Kate. Last week next week for the year. Everyone has really enjoyed the classes. Miss Rowena had set up some drawing with some little snacks to munch on that Saxon and George really enjoyed. Tianna and Leila spent time using the pencils to make pictures. Lazar had brought in some little snacks also.  Jules was happy to see George and he chased after him in the garden.  Yummy yogurt for morning tea and requests for more please!!!!! Miss Larissa joined us today and Miss Aimee came in for a little while to help us with taking down our Christmas decorations.

Over the next week we will be sending home your children’s Christmas art and craft with more photos!!!! In the foyer we will be displaying the Christmas show and some from photos from our Christmas party last week. What an amazing afternoon we had. Thank you for being part of this special time. Zoe was very happy as she jumped around in her shoes that will light up and when Crazy frog came on was ready for more. Leila was also doing some groovy moves when she heard the Crazy frog. Saxon and Lazar were doing some push ups and side planks while George and Sam showed us some break dance moves.

Max had fun with the balls in the container and Ocean and ran around with her little cat mask. Samuel went over and got on the little wooden bike. Miss Rowena had set up some red and green paint at the easel and Saxon, Lazar, Samuel, Ocean, George, Zoe and Tianna all enjoyed. Indoors on the animal mat Jules, George, Saxon and Lazar were having little conversations as they sat together interacting with the animals.

Before lunch we listened to Hush little Possum song with the book and requests for more when it had finished. Then we had a Pirate puppet show with the Pirate monkey and we sang along to Ten little Pirates book. Miss Polly popped out to say Hello and we read Mrs Pirate book and used the coloured felt sheep for our transition to wash our hands. Have a wonderful evening with love from Miss Sue, Miss Rowena and Miss Larissa OXOXOXOXOXXOOXXOOX