Hello and welcome to another wet and wild day at the hills with the toddler 1 room. Well the rain did not stop us having fun as we were ready for more adventures. Max and Saxon were able to go to to Tumble tots when the rain eased a bit. Please rain go away we want to play outdoors again. As we ate our morning tea on the veranda the rain became heavy and we watched the rain make puddles and as it was loud we could hear it making the sounds. Some children covered their ears with their hands.

After morning tea Miss Jess joined us and enjoyed some cuddles with Zoe who had brought in her Koala. Ocean had cuddles with her Puppy and the baby doll. Daisy enjoyed cuddles with the Christmas bear. We got bibs and the milk bottles and pretended to feed the toys. Samuel also spent time feeding the baby doll after he had been taking her for a walk with George. Jules had shown an interest with the cash till as he sat at the table. Max enjoyed the home corner cooking toys. Leila really loved the Crazy frog music with Tianna who spent time jumping around with Saxon, Lazar, Max, Jules, Daisy, Ocean, Zoe, Samuel and George.

Sorry about the photos as they seem a bit blurry must be the weather!!!!! The battery went flat just as we were doing our dancing. Recharged and ready for our Pirate puppet show before lunch. Great listening everyone as we watched Miss Polly with the Pirate Monkey and read Mrs Pirate with Ten Little Pirates. Counting the pumpkins as we used our names for transition time to wash our hands. Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue, Miss Rowena and Miss Jess OXOXXOXOXOXOXO