Hello and welcome to Happy Tuesday with the toddler 1 room as we say a little farewell to the rain!!!!! It was still very wet and humid so we enjoyed some activities in the air con. Ocean, Zoe, Tianna and Jonathan had fun with Tumble tots. As we sorted some of our old toys from the cupboard Daisy, Millie and Arianna had fun with the little stove and iron with the hairdryer. At the drawing table Lazar had drawn the Hulk with the green texture and was very proud as he showed it to Miss Rowena. Tianna had spent time making a rainbow and she held it up to show us. Millie had a birthday on Saturday and we talked about her friends who came to her party. Happy 3rd Birthday MILLIE with lot’s of love from your toddler one friends.

Max enjoyed pulling the wheeled along toys with the rings on top. Sorry about the photos today as some appear to be a bit bleary !!!!!!! When Miss Rowena put on Frozen everyone was very excited to be involved with the dancing. Ocean was wearing a plait in her hair just like Elsa and Zoe did lot’s of spins in her dress with Leila who also did some amazing moves. At group time we all enjoyed a puppet show with the Billy Goats and Troll. Then Danny came out to ask everyone if they had cleaned their teeth. Jonathan called out Snake when he saw the snake pop out of the basket. More fun with the Jack in the boxes and lot’s of giggles and laughter as the frog and bee came to sing with us.

Have a great evening with love from Miss Sue and Miss Rowena  OXXOXOXOXOXO TEN SLEEPS UNTIL SANTA OXOXXOXO