Hello and welcome to Happy Wednesday with the toddlers 1 room even though we could not go outdoors we had so much fun indoors. Will the rain ever go away!!!! This morning Max came in with a birthday present for Millie and she was very happy about this. Joaquim, Blake and Samuel went to Tumble tots with Miss Kim and Miss Kate for the last time this year. After morning tea we put out the old toys and the children were like bees to the honey pot as they enjoyed the little cooking items and tool box with the fishing magnets. Please enjoy the photos.

We took our tent down and began to tidy up the room ready for new friends next year. At the drawing table Samuel, Blake, Millie, Sophie, Tianna and Joaquim  made some wonderful creations. Jules and George  and Max were busy with the tool set and little BBQ. Everyone was ready for the Crazy frog and we read Where is the Hungry Caterpillar and hide and Seek on the Farm and Under the Sea and we all enjoyed listening to Hush Little Possum CD as we looked at the beautiful pictues. Millie was giving her teddy some cuddles as we sang along to the words.

Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXOXOXOXOXXOXO THANK YOU TODDLERS FOR AN AMAZING DAY OXXOXOXOXOXOXO