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Good afternoon Toddlers 1 families and welcome to our other fun day…. Well we are half way through another week as we are getting closer to the end of the year!!!! This morning Samuel was very excited as he hurried over to go to his Tumble tots class. The Funky feet was cancelled today. Millie was happy to see Sophie and together they sat playing on the little pianos on the veranda. Jules went for a run across the bridge and was looking for his friend George who is having a little holiday. Saxon was happy as bounced on his little dinosaur. Saxon is still looking for his little sheep who went missing last week from our farm set. Maybe the dinosaur knows where the sheep is !!!!!!!!

Max, Jules and Saxon were also busy helping some toddler 2 friends build with the large leggo blocks. Tianna was very happy to arrive with her pink teddy bear and together they enjoyed a beautiful sleep at rest time. Miss Rowena with Samuel, Saxon and Sophie all enjoyed making their foot prints and please enjoy the photos as they were putting on their eyes. Joaquim with Saxon had fun and laughs together as they enjoyed some drawing. At the farm today Samuel and Jules enjoyed moving the animals around. The bouncing light up balls were very popular as they moved all around the room.

On the mat Millie and Tianna with Max enjoyed the little pom poms with the spoons and egg cups filling them up and tipping them out again.Tianna put the little bags onto her hands just like gloves.  The camping area was busy with Millie making cups of tea for the dolls. Miss Rowena sang along to songs before our Billy goats felt story and Hush little possum song and book. After we had sang this twice Saxon called out again. Today Samuel and Sophie had their photos taken.

Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue and Miss Rowena OXXOXOXOXOXOXOXO