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Our day…
We have had a happy Wednesday with our friends Jayden, Lucas, Billy, Hollie, Mia, Emily, Asha, Charlize, Matthias and Amber!!

We began with a lovely play outside. Miss Des’ree was busy blowing bubbles and Matthias and Mia enjoyed chasing them around the yard. While outside Hollie found some baby dolls and she made a little bed for them and patted them to sleep.

DSC00045 DSC00046 DSC00047
Outside we also had some climbing equipment set up to encourage coordination and the development of large muscles. Emily, Mia and Hollie are very confident climbers and enjoy climbing up and over the play equipment.

We came inside for our group time experience. Jayden was the first to sit down on the big circle mat and was eager for some stories and singing. Miss Jo read two short stories ‘Row Your Boat’ and ‘Eat Your Dinner’. The toddlers all did a wonderful job at sitting for our stories – demonstrating developing concentration skills.
Matthias requested we sing the ‘apple’ song so we Miss Jo brought out the puppets to sing some favourite songs with the children. We sang:
• 5 red apples
• The wheels on the bus (Billy saw a bus driving by so we just had to sing this song)
• Mr Frog

Miss Des’ree also brought out her special chime and did some breathing exercises with the toddlers. They loved the amazing sound the chime made. Miss Jo even had a turn using the chime!!

The toddlers are being encouraged to make their own choices for play during activity time and throughout the day. Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree are on hand to assist in play and cooperation amongst the children when necessary.
The puzzles were enjoyed by Asha, Lucas and Charlize. The play dough table was quite busy with lots of sharing and cooperation taking place by Emily, Amber, Billy, Jadyen, Matthias and Holly.

DSC00053 DSC00054 DSC00059 DSC00057 DSC00056 DSC00055
We introduced some new toy cars to the classroom too and Mia, Lucas, Asha and Amber enjoyed playing with these.

There was an interest in dancing today and Miss Jo found some fun dancing music and was grooving around the classroom with Matthias, Amber, Mia, Billy and Hollie.
A fun day!!