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Hello beautiful families and Happy Friday from Toddlers 2,

It has been such a busy week and we are so happy to be able to spend some time outside again. The children did so much running and climbing in the yard this morning. They built towers with the foam blocks, ride their bikes and played ball in the yard. The new popular area was the sandpit. It has been fixed with new sand and the children loved so much the texture and the feel of it. It is amazing to bake cakes and make castle.

Then few of our children went to the gym and when they came back we all had the morning tea together. We kept on going this morning with the Easter art and activities. They enjoyed painting with miss Aurelie and/or sticking cotton balls on a big bunny with miss Sue. Few children were happy to jump playing the hopscotch. The children liked to discovered the world in different colors and played in the cubby house.

The group time today started with some dancing to aboriginal music and it was followed with a special guest, Mister Lachie!!  Mister Lachie is very entertaining and the children had so much fun listening to him.

Thank you so much for a wonderful week ! Have a beautiful week end and we see you all on Monday. Much Love xxx

Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie.