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Toddler 2 – Friday 1st November 2019

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November 1, 2019 Toddlers 2 No Comments

Hello families and happy Friday!

We’ve been having so much fun today dancing in the yard with our friends and teachers, we’ve been also hanging out in the pool, having a relax time and telling stories,  we also blew Halloween balloons to play outside and some of us have been playing in the sandpit and after all this play we had to go inside and have morning tea because we were very hungry! 

Then we did group time with Mis Sarah and Miss Marina, we were talking about the weather when out of nowhere the clouds started to pour rain down! we were all looking through the window and watching the grey clouds and rain pass by. Then the sun started to sine again… perfect timing for our group time! Then we brought the pool inside to put all the colour balls inside and we had a play, also aiming the balls from outside … the children loved it 🙂 Some others were engaged with the home corner, we will need 2 kitchens because everyone wants to be a chef!

Then we packed away and we sat at the table for lunch, we ate a lot of sandwiches and we went to sleep because it’s Friday and we need to rest after this amazing week at kindy, refill our energy levels to be ready for the weekend.

After rest time we had a picnic outside with out friends from Toddler 1 for afternoon tea, the weather was amazing and we enjoyed to be all together. Then we went to play until mom and dad come and take us home 🙂

Have a nice weekend families!

Written by elctoddlers2

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