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Hello and welcome to more adventures with the toddler 2 room. Well the rain has gone away but our garden was so wet that we had some indoor / outdoor in the net area. Today it was Tumble tots for Oliver, Carter, Mateo, Maddy and Rocky. After our yummy Blueberry cake and fruit Miss Rochelle with Miss Aurelie had set up the pastel Easter art and craft activities. Connie, Manny, Carter, Oliver, Annie, Maxi, Lenny, Maddy, Rocky, Francesca, Henry, Mateo, Pip, Birdie, Isla and Summer al had an amazing time as we are very close to finishing our beautiful Easter surprises for you. Please enjoy the photos as you will see lot’s of artists in the making. The children are really enjoying the feel of the paint as they will extend with painting their hands.

Before lunch we had some children helping to put out the beds. Great work everyone. Some play in the nets and watching our pre kindy friends doing some dancing. Other activities were the BQQ yes it’s been fixed!!!! Home corner with the dolls , beds and cooking items. Puzzles, Tool set and books. Lot’s of fun as we danced to the Wiggles and Miss Rochelle read Peppa Pig’s Easter Egg Hunt that Isla had brought in to show her friends.

Thank you for a wonderful day filled with HAPPY MEMORIES with love from Miss Sue, Miss Rochelle and Miss Aurelie OXOXXOXOXOXOXO