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Happy Tuesday Toddlers 2 families!

This morning the children played with a range of self selected activities. Michael, Saxon and Alby explored home corner. The boys added water to the pots, pans and cups and carefully poured the water into different containers. While the boys explored home corner Pia and Remi played with the peg board and used their fine motor skills to fit the pegs into the hole. At 8 am the children packed away and went into the yard to play in the warm sun. As soon as Levi came into the yard he jumped on a bike and explored the space it had to offer. Chen yi, Adam Jude and Emilia played in the sandpit with the diggers and excavators, the children enjoyed moving the sand from one spot to another. Carter, Sadie and Michael danced to the music on the speaker and enjoyed “skinny love” by bon iver and “fruit salad” by the wiggles. Maddie, Connor, Shylie, Elsa, Remi found the prams and the dolls and role played mums and babies. Rafi enjoyed the lawn mowers and walked up and down the yard clearing the grass for his friends. Thank you Rafi!

Have a wonderful night

Miss Des’ree, Miss Marina, Miss Dakota and Mr Lachie