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Good afternoon families! We hope you are all being safe.

Energy’s are high in Toddler one today. This morning we began with a play in the yard exploring all the fun to be had. We had a variety of activities for the children to choose from ranging from bikes to balls, obstacle courses to digging in the sandpit.

Today we wanted to do an Easter activity as well as work on fine motor skills. We put out a variety on paint including pink, purple and blue. The children were given q tips to paint with. They really seemed to enjoy this activity.

We also had puzzles, building blocks, home corner, book corner, train tracks, instruments and much more. After exploring the room for a while we all went outside for a run around before sitting on the mat for a group time with Miss Aimee. We read and sang our favorite books songs. We then sang the washing hands song and walked into the bathroom to wash our hands for lunch.

Finally it was time for a delicious lunch and a well deserved rest. This afternoon we will head back outside to see where else our curious minds will take us.

Another reminder that we have started collecting donations for our Easter Raffle. Every class participates, and each child is given a raffle book which they can purchase for a small amount of money. Once all the tickets have been purchased, we ask all families to donate a small gift that we can add to our Easter hamper that will then be raffled off at the Easter celebration. If every family donates a gift, our Easter basket will be amazing! We thank you for your co-operation in advance

Lots of love

Miss Aimee and Miss Stacey.