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Happy Melburne Cup Day!

Terrifc Tuesday has started with all our Toddler One & Toddler Two frieds welcoming each other as they all arrived!!

We had a brilliant start to the day with some fantastic running races to set the theme for the day celebrating our biggest horse race – a race that stops the nation!

Miss Tania & Miss Gillian played some running races imitating horses – lots of fun!!

We transitioned from outside to inside with our weekly art therapy session – again lots of creativity in the air 🙂

We had a little picnic outside for morning tea – we all agreed it was delicious!!!!!

Miss Gillian read a book that featured a horse and again set the theme for our Melbourne Cup..

Whilst some of our friends went to enjoy their session in Gymnastics – we had our remaining friends doing some art work with horses – sticking different materials and textures onto our horses – this included pieces of wool, cardboard, cloths..

Arianna, Max, Saxon, Zoe, Ocean had so much fun kicking the big bouncy ball across the yard with Miss Tania..

Millie, Daisy Mae, Tianna enjoyed having a tea party in the yard..

Jonathan & Leila were busy with the farm animals

Whilst we had such a big busy fun filled morning – we were hungry!!

We had some free time inside exploring our imagination with Leila, Jonathan, Max making a BBQ, Daisy Mae & Ocean were busy ‘shopping’, Millie, Tiana & Zoe were playing with the babies, Saxon was busy building – hammering away ‘fixing’ the drawers..

Our lunch was amazing and we got set up for having an enjoyable rest time – our bodies were thankful for the beautiful day, food and the chill music just what we all needed to recharge for the afternoon ahead!!

Thank you so much Toddlers 1 for an amazing Terrific Tuesday!!

Love Miss Tania & Miss Gillian