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Our day….

Fantastic day in the toddlers room! This morning we had a little bit of everything starting with group time with the lovely Miss Jo. During our group time experience Miss Jo sang a new song using some felt images called Hickory Dickory Dock.  The toddlers really enjoyed this song so we followed up on this interest during activity time. Sienna, Chloe, Samar, Lukas, Matthias’, Arden, Mia and Hollie participated in painting their very own little mouse using pink paint and cotton buds.

While some friends were painting pink mice Miss Des’ree and some other toddler friends decided to have a disco and get our boogie shoes on! the toddlers as they seemed to have lots of energy today.  Samar, Lukas, Sienna, Arden, Chloe, Mia, Billy and Hollie all joined in with moving to:

  • If your happy and you know it
  • Dingle dangle scarecrow
  • Wheels on the bus

Matthias’ then requested more dancing so we put on Mr Lachie’s mixed kids dance CD and the children enjoyed following Miss Des’ree around the classroom shaking their hips, moving their arms and galloping around the classroom.  Chloe and Matthias danced together with their hands on their hips moving their body.  Very cute.

Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree have had a wonderful day

Thank-you toddlers!

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