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Our Day ….

It’s the end of another beautiful week in the toddlers room. This morning in the yard Miss Jo enjoyed playing outside with a group of children, they all wanted to sing ring a rosey and approached Miss Jo to participate as well.  Samar was intrigued and joined in the game of ring a rosey with some of the older toddlers.

There was lots of activities outside for the toddlers to explore Billy was very confident as he walked along the balance beam outside.  He attempted to climb over the small A-Frame and got a little stuck but called out for one of the educators to assist him. Chloe was a busy little girl in the morning she loved playing barista with Miss Jo and made her a “coffee” from the Mud Kitchen, thanks Chloe!

After our play outside Miss Jo did group time with the toddlers their favourite song today was humpty dumpty. To expand on their interest Miss Des’ree and the toddlers collaged Humpty’s wall. Lucas, Matthais, Mia and Chloe called out all the different coloured paper saying “ pink, green,yellow, orange and red” great recognition toddlers! Billy, Dylan, Joseph , Vivianne and Samar loved gluing and creating humpty dumptys wall.

Over all the day has been full of laughter and fun! have a wonderful weekend

Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree

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