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Our day…..

The toddlers have had a fantastic day ! We had lots of different activities out for the children to explore, todays interest was the kitchen Miss Des’ree prepared a special painting activity for the toddlers to explore. We got kitchen utensils such as spoons, spatulas and forks for the toddlers to use for painting instead of paint brushes. Mia, Billy , Dylan, Matthais and Hollie loved this new painting experience and chose to stay at the painting table for a good period of time.

On the table Vivianne and Arden challenged themselves with the sorting shapes and the animal towers testing and concentrating on their work. Good job! The toddlers are very comfortable in their surroundings they are confident in asking for food and drinks or certain toys to play with. Today Billy asked Miss Des’ree for the puppets, Mia and Hollie articulated that they wanted to play with babies and Samar was happy to sit with Mr Blair and read stories.

Miss Des’ree and Miss Jo bought some new puppets today. The new felt visuals captivated all the toddler’s attention we sang:

–          Humpty sitting on the wall

–          Balloons

–          Happy and you know it (with some new faces)

–          Shapes

–          Cheeky monkeys

Over all Mr Blair and Miss Des’ree had a great time with the toddlers!