March 27, 2020 General No Comments

Hello toddlers one and toddlers two families!

Today we stayed outside and enjoyed our Friday in the cooler weather. We had a great time with the activities that were on offer. This morning we had:

  • Bikes
  • Home corner
  • Sensory trays
  • Obstacle course

Finn and Mason had a great time in our sensory trays. they told their educators the there was pasta and oats in the trays and then took a bowl of the pasta and oats to the home corner and cooked up some yummy meals.

For group time Miss Des’ree gathered the children on the slide. She spoke about the activities that we would be doing today and then finished it off with some songs:

  • The days of the week
  • Welcome to country
  • Open shut them

All the children really enjoyed group time this morning up on the slide and all had great listening ears, well done friends !

We alternated between indoor and outdoor play today. Some of our friends stayed inside with Miss Desree and didn’t some numeracy/literacy activities or drawing and they rest of our friends stayed outside with Miss Dakota and did some egg and spoon races or just enjoyed some free play around the yard.

Onyx and George drew some awesome pictures at our drawing table and loved showing them off to their educators.

Adam, Sophie and Claudia loved getting out the home corner equipment and using the broom and mop to clean the yard.

Emmy and Apollon had the best time doing the egg and spoon races together. They would wait for Miss Dakota to count down from 3 and then would race to the other end of the yard and back and then would yell “again again” !!!

Overall its been a lovely day spent together as one class. We hope you all enjoy your weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Love Miss Desree and Miss Dakota

Written by elctoddlers1