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Our day….

Miss Jo has introduced a new song to the class to introduce the concept of inclusion.  We sang:

“Here is the land

Here is the sky

Here are my friends

Here am I”

Mia and Billy both did a great job at remembering this song and were able to repeat some of the words of the song. The toddlers have remembered the actions to the song as well and are able to use their arms to demonstrate land and sky.

Today Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree expanded on the toddlers interest in two little yellow birds, the nursery . At group time Miss Jo sang it with the toddlers and Miss Des’ree created a yellow bird art activity. Lukas, Billy, Arden, Mia, Chloe, Sienna and Samar loved painting and adding feathers to their art work.

During activity time the children were encouraged to collage using feathers.  Miss Jo placed a feather on Billy’s head and sang ‘Yankee Doodle’. Sienna began giggling and Arden moved his body as Miss Jo sang Yankee Doodle.  Sienna and Arden then both placed feathers in their hair and Miss Jo continued singing the song.  Samar joined the table and placed a feather in her hair too.

To finish up our activity time the toddlers joined Miss Des’ree and Miss Jo in the big yard to play in the sandpit, playground fort and to explore their new bicycles.  

Over all we have had a beautiful day with the toddlers!

Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree



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