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Our day…

Today in Toddler’s 1, we have had so much fun. We had so many activities to choose from and we were even lucky to have great weather to play outside.

As it was nice and sunny this morning, we began our morning in the Toddler’s yard. Matthias was enjoying the trucks. He enjoyed playing with the green truck and the garbage truck in which, he pushed them around the yard. Hollie was having a blast on the cushioned seats. She was climbing and sliding on top of them. Amber was enjoying her time playing with the barbeque as she cooked up some yummy food.

Coming inside and onto the mat, the children were ready for an engaging and exciting group time. Miss Jade used the felt board to sing, “Humpty Dumpty” and “Hey Diddle Diddle.” Miss Jade had sung “Three Little Monkeys” as well, as this song had involved a crocodile which, was Dylan’s interest for today. The children were especially singing to this song. Without using the felt board and using their actions, Miss Jade had also sung, “Incy Wincy Spider,” “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Row Your Boat.” Mia and Amber were singing along to the songs enjoyably and engaging.

During activity time, Miss Des’ree saw that Amber had received a certificate for swimming and decided to do an art activity revolving around gold fish. Lead by Miss Amy, the children used paint and glitter to make their goldfish. Vivianne and Chloe enjoyed this activity very much. As well throughout activity time, Hollie had enjoyed playing with the toy babies, Dylan exploring the books in reading corner and Lucas playing with the cars.

It has been such a wonderful day with the Toddler’s 1 children, as we have ended the week with a high note.