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Our day…..

Miss Cheryl and Miss Des’ree have had a fantastic day in the toddlers room. To begin our day we had a lovely group time inside, Miss Des’ree introduced a new song to the toddlers called “5 little Dinosaurs” with the toddlers we called to other dinosaurs and stopped our feet! Great job! Matthais then requested for “two little yellow birds” and Emily asked for “insy winsy spider”, and then Billy also asked for “slippery fish”!  to keep our friends happy we sung them all! there were lots of smiles and giggles as the toddler love group times.

Today we decided to expand on Ambers interest in dogs, at activity time Miss Des’ree prepared some paw print painting with cotton buds. Amber, Billy, Asha Emily, Mia and Hollie loved painting and using their fine motor skills to maneuver the cotton tips. At another table Cheryl brought out some pink playdough for the toddlers to explore Miss Cheryl was showing the toddlers how to make the play dough long and how to roll it into a ball. Lucas, Asha, Matthais, Mikaela and Jayden loved this experience, playdough is always a favorite. During activity time Miss Des’ree observed the toddlers as they heard a familiar song play on the raido, all the toddlers lay on the ground ready to jump up and be “dingle dangle scarecrows”! the toddlers love this song and know all the actions to the song great dancing and listening toddlers.

Over all its been a great day in the toddlers room!




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