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Our day….

We have had a great day in the toddlers room! After morning tea, the toddlers all decided to make their way to the mat and sit down without being asked by an educator so Miss Amy thought she had better do a group time as they began to pull out the different puppets and felt board resources. We sang about our feelings and all the children were able to understand the meaning of each and respond with the correct action. – Well done everyone!

Today our toddlers showed an interest in the sizzling sausages song so we decided to paint pans and sausages using the cooking utensils from home corner ! Mia, Billy, Samar,  Lucas, Chloe, Matthias, Dylan and Vivienne all enjoyed this. At one point Samar dropped her painting fork and Lucas got off his chair and picked it up for her. This was so lovely to see and showed that Lucas was concerned for his friend and helped her. Well done Lucas !

At activity time Miss Amy offered an American Indian outfit to Matthias, he put this on and paraded it around the room showing his friends. Miss Amy then helped him to pretend he was riding a horse to really get in character – what fun Matthias !

The children are still so excited about our new home corner and love exploring the space each day. Today Vivienne and Chloe played in here during activity time and were using each other’s ideas in the corner, Chloe started putting plates in the sink and then Vivienne joined her in putting cups and food in there too. What great imagining girls!

Mia and Billy were having a great time playing with the colourful blocks during activity time but both decided that they wanted the same block. Both friends got a bit flustered and began to get upset so Miss Amy went over and asked them to ‘stop, take a deep breath and use your words to explain the what’s wrong’ both Billy and Mia talked about the red block and we came to a resolution that they would have five minutes each. – great problem solving you two!

Dylan has been thoroughly enjoying the wooden animals so today he went on a hunt through all the draws in the room to find these animals. Once he found them he used the home corner tomato and bread to feed them.  

Over all a wonderful day !

Have a great weekend Miss Amy-jo and Miss Des’ree



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