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Our day

We have had a lovely Friday with our friends Emily, Matthias, Lucas, Dylan, Arden, Vivianne, Mia, Hollie and Chloe.
During our morning play outside Emily and Mia spent lots of time together playing mummies with the baby dolls. They each had found their own baby and took them for walks around the yard and stopped every so often to sit down and feed them. Very cute to watch!!


Once we came indoors we were all getting a little grumpy – the end of busy week for our little toddler friends. Miss Des’ree settled the children with some singing with the puppets that seems to always do the trick. Dylan, Matthias and Vivianne enjoyed listening to some of our favourite songs:
• Old MacDonald
• The Wiggly Worm
• Sleeping Bunnies

We were all then very eager for something to eat and everybody did some great healthy eating at morning tea time. We had a delicious selection of fruits for the children to eat. Watermelon seems to be the favourite in the toddlers room.
Miss Tara came into our classroom for a visit to see if any of the girls wanted to visit Toddlers 2 as Lucy was the only girl there today. Mia and Hollie were very excited to go and have a play in Toddlers 2 and they sat with Lucy at a table to do some collage.

IMG_8824 IMG_8823


Arden and Lucas have been very close friends today and have enjoyed each other’s company. They had fun hiding under the pillows during activity time and at one stage were pretending to have a little nap!!


Chloe enjoyed doing her most favourite activity of painting today!! Miss Des’ree organized a sponge painting activity to encourage the children to paint their own family flower. We are planning to decorate our flowers with family photos from our toddler class. If you haven’t brought in a family photo yet please do so as soon as possible so we can get our family flowers up on our wall!!

IMG_8839 IMG_8842 IMG_8838

Thanks for a great week.

IMG_8831 IMG_8846
Enjoy your weekend with your beautiful children.
Miss Jo & Miss Des’ree