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Hello and welcome to Happy Friday as we end the week with a fun filled day. Miss Shawn had a day off today so we had Mr Lachie join us and at the drawing table Arianna was all smiles as she said ”Lachie”.Daisy went to Tumble tots with Miss Kate and Miss Kim. Ocean had brought her little puppy Spotty in and he joined us at morning tea. Please enjoy the photos. Miss Fiona who is a friend of Jules came for a visit and together they enjoyed some time on the little bridge with the cars.

Friday the 13th well we had a lucky day with making our own  Frosty the Snowman. At the table Mr Lachie had set up the glue, cotton wool and the snowmen. Tianna, Arianna, Daisy, Ocean, Sophie, Blake, George, Lazar, Jules, Saxon and Leila all getting excited about Christmas. To extend we sang Frosty the Snowman song. Blake and Sophie were pretending to do some building as they spent time at the tool box activity. George, Lazar and Saxon were busy with the BBQ. Tianna and Daisy enjoyed some time in the tent together. Dancing to the Crazy Frog was so much fun.

George had brought in a book about farm animals called Who is Hiding. Santa Koala had come for another visit and we sang more Christmas songs before we all enjoyed our pasta for lunch. Have a lovely weekend with love from Miss Sue and Mr Lachie OXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXO