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Our day…
Can you believe it Friday already!!! This week as flown by.

Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree were joined by their friends Dylan, Matthias, Billy, Hollie, Arden, Lucas, Vivianne, Samar and Chloe and we have had such a wonderful day.

We began our morning with a group time experience on the mat. Dylan chose a Peppa Pig story for Miss Jo to read and he and his friends did a great job at listening to that story and then asked for more. The children demonstrated great listening and concentration skills as we read two more stories and then sang some songs. We used some dollies from the classroom to sing, ‘Miss Polly Had a Dolly’. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ as Dylan was singing this during his nappy change! We also used our finger puppets to sing 2 little yellow birds.

DSC00332 DSC00333
Miss Des’ree noticed how well the children did eating their yogurt with spoons today. They were able to manipulate the spoons to make minimal mess as they scooped up the yogurt. Well done Toddlers.

DSC00340 DSC00339 DSC00338 DSC00336 DSC00334
During activity time we followed up on Dylan’s interest in trains and brought in the train set from the TD 2 classroom. This was a very popular toy for the children to play with and encouraged them to use their thinking skills to join the pieces together. Chloe chose some pieces of the track and was able to join them together. She seemed very proud of her accomplishment. Hollie also was able to join a couple of pieces together too and called out ‘Jo’ to show her educator what she had done. Matthias’, Arden, Billy, Lucas and Dylan all did a great job at joining numerous pieces of the track together and then driving their train over the track!

DSC00341 DSC00345 DSC00349 DSC00350
Lucas and Samar enjoyed some moments of quiet on their own during activity time today. They both chose some stories and perched themselves on some comfy cushions reading.

DSC00348 DSC00344
Mr Blair did some music and movement with the toddlers to encourage social skills. The toddlers were encouraged to make a line and march around the classroom. This was enjoyed by all the children and demonstrated great listening skills as they followed Mr Blair’s instructions. Vivianne, Hollie, Lucas and Dylan seemed to really enjoy participating in this and giggled as they marched around the classroom.

DSC00360 DSC00358 DSC00357 DSC00355
Thank you for a fantastic day toddlers.
We hope you all enjoy your weekend.
Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree