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Our Day…………

Quite a hot start to the day so we came indoors a little earlier into the cool air-conditioned room. We have learned over the past few weeks that our beautiful little toddler friends love dancing so Miss Des’ree put on some dancing music and Lucas, Mia, Chloe, Dylan and Arden got straight into moving their bodies to the music.

After a dancing session Miss Jo gathered all the toddler friends onto the mat for a group time experience. The children are doing a really good job at sitting for quite some time to enjoy singing and stories. Matthias was eager to sit in Miss Jo’s lap during our group time. We sang lots of our favourite songs:
• Incy Wincy
• Wiggly Worm
• Here is the beehive
At the end of our singing Mia requested the bunny song. This is a movement song where all the children pretend to be sleeping bunnies and then wake up and hop around the room. We all hopped to the bathroom to wash our hands for morning tea!!

Our friend Lucas had an interest in dinosaurs today so Miss Des’ree organized a painting activity using some of the large dinosaurs from the Toddler 2 classroom. The children were encouraged to place the dinosaurs feet onto some paint and then made stomping dinosaur footprints onto the white paper. Dylan really enjoyed this activity calling out ‘dinosaur dinosaur’ as he painted. Mia, Chloe, Matthias and Lucas all enjoyed participating in this activity.

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We enjoyed a picnic on the veranda for lunch today. Miss Denise made some yummy pizza for lunch and Chloe, Amber, Dylan, Lucas, Arden, Matthias and Mia all did a wonderful job at eating.

We hope to see you all tonight for our orientation.

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Enjoy your weekend.
Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree