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Our day….

Miss Des’ree setup the yard this morning to investigate some toddlers interests. Billy absolutely loved the trikes from the other yard. He spent all morning on them using his arms and legs to move the bike. Mia enjoyed various activities such as chalk drawing, trikes and climbing frames she was in all the corners of the yard! Good playing !  Michael had a great time outside exploring the sandpit tub he shovelled and piled the sand into the home corner tea cups, Arden saw this fun and decided to join in.

Miss Des’ree started a group time that had all toddlers squealing and laughing with delight as the puppet bees came out of the bee hive and landed on the toddlers heads! The song had all toddlers buzzing!

Miss Amy and Miss Des’ree extended on the toddlers interest in the song bumble bee. We whipped out the black and yellow paint and  decided to also incorporate the toddlers senses by painting their  hands. Billy, Mia , Lucas, Arden, Chloe and Michael all enjoyed getting their hands painted!

Before lunch Miss Amy and Miss Des’ree took the toddlers outside for one more play to burn off some extra energy.Lucas and Chloe saw the new trikes in the yard and ran straight to them, Mia was absorbed in the legos decided to create a castle, Michael returned to the sand-pit and Arden explored the garden. Billy found his favourite truck and was happy to zoom around the playground

Over all we have had a wonderful and quite Friday

Enjoy the weekend toddlers

Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy-jo

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