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Our day….

Great way to finish the week in toddlers 1. This morning Miss Sue set up the yard beautifully to stimulate the toddlers interests Mia, Matthias and Hollie loved exploring the obstacle course in the yard they balanced and pulled themselves up on the climbing frames. In they yard Miss Des’ree observed Matthais and Hollie interacting with each other Hollie was showing matthais how to do the splits! Matthais was very intrigued and successfully did it himself. We expanded on this interaction by doing yoga outside with the toddlers, Chloe and Samar loved the extra stretch!

Dylan, Jairaj and Michael enjoyed solitary moments of play this morning; Dylan loved using his cognitive skills at the puzzle table enjoying the sounds of the animals when he put the right piece in. Jairaj loved the magnets and exploring the items that connected together. Michael was playing lawn mower out in the yard going up, down and around the grassy areas. Good Job!

After a our adventurous play outside we ventured indoors for some more activities Miss Jade brought out some yellow playdough to enhance the toddlers sensory skills, Lucas, Arden, Chloe and Mia all loved using their sensory skills to squish, squash and roll the sticky dough. While some friends were at the play dough table Miss Jade and Miss Camila painted strawberries with the other toddlers as Mia’s interest. Dylan, Samar and Arden especially liked expressing themselves through their art work. Great playing toddlers!

To finish up our activity time Miss Des’ree did a group time. All the toddlers sat with Miss Des’ree and sang:

          Dingle dangle scarecrow

          Slippery fish

          Cheeky monkeys

          Miss Polly had a dolly

The toddlers have smiled and shared their smiles with their educator and friends

DSC00568 DSC00572 DSC00584 DSC00585 DSC00587 DSC00589 DSC00594 DSC00604 DSC00606 DSC00607 DSC00610Thank you toddlers! Have a great weekend!