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Our day….

We have had a lovely day inside the toddlers room. Today we celebrated another one of our friend’s birthday. Happy Birthday Billy! During out afternoon group time Miss Amy, Miss Des’ree and the rest of the toddlers sang the birthday song to Billy. As a special treat the toddlers got to enjoy Billy’s Birthday cupcakes. Hmmmm!

Before activity timeMiss Des’ree brought in the book  “The hungry caterpillar” to share with the toddlers. In the book Miss Des’ree was introducing some new material to the toddlers such as days of the week, assorted foods, transformation and numbers. To get the toddlers thinking Miss Des’ree asked a variety of different questions to the toddlers about “the hungy caterpillar”. We discussed what they could see. Emily and Billy mentioned they saw strawberries. Lucas and Matthias spotted the watermelons and Arden, Michael, Lukas pointed to the cakes and cupcakes.


At activity time Arden was enjoying playing with the playdough and managed to roll a big long snake and shared it around and laughed with Matthias and Emily who were clearly impressed with the snake. Joseph enjoyed the T-Rex dinosaur in the toddler’s room and was having a great time playing with it. His friend Michael wanted to come and join. Michael really wanted a turn with that Dinosaur so Miss Amy asked if Joseph would mind letting his friend have a turn, Joseph happily handed the dinosaur over to Michael then turned to get another dinosaur and joined back in the fun. – great sharing and playing fair Joseph! Lukas had a blast playing with the bright blue playdough but when he decided he wanted to move to a different area of the room, asked Miss Amy to wash his hands. In the bathroom he demonstrated his ability to wash his hands thoroughly with soap, removing all the sticky playdough then dried them and placed the paper towel in the bin. Great work! Michael was enjoying playing with the cash register, opening and closing the draw and imaging that he was a shop keeper! Billy took a toy tractor up to the register and was so lucky when Michael gave it to him for free!


During the dance party in toddler’s room Miss Amy and friends decided to hold hands in a big circle and move in and out. Emily saw that Samar was standing behind her so  she stepped back and took her hand so that Samar was a part of the group.

Before lunch Miss Des’ree did and old fashioned group time without books and puppets. To entertain ourselves the toddlers exercised their fine motor skills and imaginations. We used our hands to sing incy wincy spider and open shut them. Our gross motor skills were utilzed for wheels on the bus using large arm movements for the wipers and wheels. All the toddlers were engaged and participated. Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy rewarded out friends with a sticker. What great participation!

Its been a beautiful day!

Enjoy the weekend toddlers!


Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy-jo

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