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Our day…

We welcomed a new friend from the  babies to the toddlers room today, Welcome Joseph! This morning Miss Des’ree did the bumble bee transition so the toddlers could all mention their name to their new friend. Great job friends!

The toddlers have shown lots of interest in the mud kitchen to develop their interests Miss Des’ree brought out the home corner plates, food, cups and jugs. All the toddlers loved exploring the new toys. During activity time Dylan loved playing with the kitchen utensils on the mat he placed food on his plate and blew on it just in case it was “hot”what  great imaginations toddlers have! Arden loved placing tea  cups and kettles on a plate ready to serve and Billy Mixed different ingredients in a bowel! Mia and lucas joined in ready to prepare and create!

Matthais was very interested in  the puppet Walter the wiggly worm, this morning he asked Miss Des’ree to sing the song at group time. When the toddlers friend Walter came out for a song all the toddler gave him a special kiss and cuddle! Together as group we all got wriggly worms and sang together. To expand on Matthais interest Miss Jade brought out some brown paint and red paper for the toddler to make their own wiggly worm! Billy, Mia, Joseph Matthais and Lucas loved this activity!

Over all a great day in the toddlers room !

Happy Mothers day ! Enjoy your weekend!

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