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Our Day……
Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree were joined by Arden, Billy, Matthias, Vivianne, Dylan, Mia, Samar and Lucas today!!
We had such a wonderful Friday with the children playing beautifully with each other. It has been lovely to witness friendships forming and the children growing into caring friends.

Mia was a beautiful friend and gave her friend Lucas some cuddles when he became upset by another friend. Mia joined him on the mat to play with the shape sorters and was a very kind friend.
Samar and Arden had their dancing shoes on with Miss Jo and enjoyed dancing and grooving to some fun music during activity time.

Lucas had an interest in cars today so we followed up by doing some wheel prints onto white paper. This was a popular activity that Dylan, Vivianne, Arden, Lucas, Billy, Mia and Samar all enjoyed participating in this activity.

DSC00241 DSC00247 DSC00248
Mia showed great numeracy skills in grouptime this morning counting with Miss Des’ree down from 5. Lucas, Billy, Dylan and Matthias repeated the numbers after Miss Des’ree learning new words and meanings.
Matthias once again requested to sing 3 rosey apples, Matthais loves the song so much he asked for more apples on the tress so Miss Des’ree added 2 more. Together we sang until there were no more apples in the tree.

DSC00246 DSC00235 DSC00236 DSC00238 DSC00240

DSC00249 DSC00250 DSC00255 DSC00256 DSC00257 DSC00260
We hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
See you next week!
Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree