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Our day in toddlers 1…

Outside this morning Miss Rochelle spent time in the sand pit with Nisha and Casey. They were sprinkling the sand over their feet, Nisha and Casey were laughing as it tickled! Elke and Connor soon joined them in the sand pit to have their feet tickled and to make some delicious chocolate cakes!

Cooper P and Cooper T spent some time this morning playing with Max from Toddlers 2, they were exploring the tunnel together.  

Thank you to Emmett for bringing in real life snake skin! Emmett showed his friends at group time the old skin from his pet python called “Hannibal”. The children showed their fascination and enthusiasm by all wanting to get a close look.

To extend on the snake skin Miss Thea showed the children a short education clip on snakes, we go to watch a python eat an egg and spit out the eggshell. We all learnt that snakes smell with their tongue!  

To finish learning about colours for the week we ended with Pink. The children were given pink paint, paint brush and some feathers. They were able to use their own imagination and creativity to make whatever they could think of. Emmett and Thomas wanted to use their hands to paint while Denzel and Casey used the paint bushes.

Next week we are hoping to open a new construction themed corner, if you have anything that your child would like to bring in for show ‘n’ tell please feel free.

Have a good weekend and hopefully its not to hot!

Love Miss Thea and Miss Rochelle


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