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Hello and Welcome to Fun Friday! The children loved lots of different activties today.


This morning as we were having morning tea the children spotted a Magpie. They all called out its a bird! Miss Shawn and Miss Sue reminded the Toddlers to be quiet and just look at him. Everyone watched very closely and quietly as they ate morning tea. It was such a lovely start to the day, observing and being aware of nature and their outdoor environment.


There was lots of block activties throughout the day. The children sat in small groups playing alongside each other. Some of the children decided to use all the same colour to build and some used a few colours. They all had their own ideas and co- operating well together.

The Toddler 1 room was very busy fixing things around the room with the tool set and vacuuming. It was great to see the children learning skills to help. Miss Sue and Miss Shawn are very grateful.

The children continue to love dancing to Crazy Frog songs and dancing. The children are fantastic at doing their pushups enjoying watching each others dance moves. George said ” Lets do a dance off ” So 3 at a time the children danced and preformed while their friends watched and cheered them on. That was a lot of fun!  Spontentous music and movement gives the children opportunity to do what they want and encourages them to lead activities that they enjoy.

Another end to a fantastic week, have a great weekend!

Love/ From  Miss Shawn and Miss Sue