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Our day

Welcome back to another exciting week in the Toddlers room. Our friends Amber, Lukas, Asha, Billy, Emily, Mia, Michael and Matthias joined us today. We also welcomed our new friend Blaise to the classroom. Her very first day at kindy and she has had an amazing day.

Miss Jo was very proud to see some of her friends walking into the classroom today rather than being carried. This is a big step for some of our friends. Well done to Michael and Asha. We understand how hard drop off can be for some of the toddlers so this is quite exciting to see!

Mia, Emily, Asha, Lukas, Michael, Billy and some of the other children from Toddlers 2 enjoyed some quiet time working on puzzles and reading stories on the veranda area of the play ground. Michael had found a Thomas the Tank storybook in the yard and offered it to Miss Jo to read while on the veranda. Mia was excited as there was a character in the book named Emily, just like her friend Emily.

We began our morning with our group time experience and the children all sat beautifully on the mat as Miss Jo did some singing with the finger puppets. Emily did a wonderful job at singing along to Baa Baa Black Sheep. Mia and Amber did well singing along to the Wiggly Worm song. We noticed that Amber’s interest was singing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes so we sang this song too. Asha, Billy and Michael did a great job at attempting to point to their different body parts.

Miss Des’ree spent the day in Toddlers 2 so we had Miss Naomi in the classroom with us. The children enjoyed having a new teacher in the classroom and bonded quite well with her. She sat at one of the tables during activity time and encouraged each child to do a cottonbud painting onto Easter baskets. A special surprise for all the Mum’s and Dad’s this Easter.

During activity time Matthias and Michael had so much energy and were chasing each other around the classroom. Miss Jo attempted to encourage walking feet but they were just too excited to see each other. Miss Amy offered to sit on the mat with them and do some building with the plastic shape blocks. Lukas and Amber joined in too!

We had some role playing taking place during activity time too. Asha found some puppets to play with and she made a little puppet show at the window of the classroom. Mia, Emily and Blaise spent time role playing in home corner. They were cooking up a feast with the kitchen equipment.
We have had a very happy and busy day in the Toddlers Room!!

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