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Our Day….

Its been a great start to the week in toddlers room. This morning after our big play outside we came in and enjoyed some new toys that Miss Jo brought in for the toddles to explore. Lukas, Blaise, Asha and Amber enjoyed exploring the different  shaped toys.

When the toddlers finished their morning tea. Miss Des’ree decided to crack some tunes. Jairaj, Matthais, Mia and Emily loved listening to classic songs and nursery rhymes their favourite was:

–          If you happy and you know it

–          Wheels on the Bus

The toddlers know all the actions and don’t stop grooving! Great Job! When Billy saw all his friends dancing he asked Miss Des’ree for his favourite song “dingle dangle scarecrow”! Billy, Mia and Emily loved dancing and singing to this song so much that we listened to it several times!

During activity time Vivianne was comfortably exploring the toys until she found the wooden blocks. She took them out and happily on her own stacked them up in threes.

Miss Des’ree asked the toddlers what colours they liked to paint with today, Matthais said “Blue” Mia said “ green” and Miss Amy found a beautiful purple for the toddlers to paint with. To introduce something different we decided to paint on the tree material that Miss Jo and Mr Nick found. All the toddlers loved painting on the tree bark and exploring the difference in paper and bark textures. Beautiful work toddlers!

For the friends that were not interested in painting we had playdough out as another textile activity. Billy, Vivianne, Lukas, Amber and Asha always enjoy playing with playdough to extend on the activity Miss Amy added some assorted shapes as cookie cutters for the toddlers to use.

After activity time the toddlers were in for a surprise fire drill. Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy lined the toddlers up and together we walked to the designated area. All the toddlers did their best at following their teachers instructions. Good listening!

When we all walked back to the room the toddlers were ready for some lunch and a big rest. Over all Miss Amy and Miss Des’ree had a great day with the toddlers.

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