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Its been a wonderful Monday in the toddlers room. Our day started in the yard, the mud kitchen was the hot spot in the morning Billy, Mia, Blaise, Emily and Lukas just love using the home corner toys to make and create assorted foods.

While some friends were playing chief, Matthais decided to exercise his gross motor skills on the balancing beam, he held his arms out and step by step and made his way to the climbing fort! Well done!

During our play outside Miss Jo gathered some of the children on the cushions to read some stories.  Miss Jo read a book about different pets and Mia, Billy, Emily, Blaise and Lukas joined her for the story.  Billy was very verbal during the story and called out the names of the different animals he could see, ‘meow’ (cat), ‘dog’, ‘birdie’, ‘fish in water’.

Miss Des’ree brought in some new pegs and peg boards for the toddlers to explore,Miss Jo watched as Asha and Vivianne sat on the mat and took their time to join the pegs together.  They were both able to join quite a few pegs on top of each other.Blaise, Mia, Emily, Jairaj and Amber each took a turn playing with the pegs on the mat too. Miss Jo watched as the children cooperated with one another and shared the pegs with their friends.

As always the toddlers love painting, so for activity time today Miss Des’ree prepared cotton bud painting, using their skills the toddlers were able to create and bring their imaginations to life.

Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree have had a great day with the toddlers!


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