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Our day….

After our morning play outside the toddlers were called in by Miss Jade. When they came inside the room the toddlers sat down ready for our morning group time routine. During group time in the morning, Miss Jade read a book called, ‘Things I Love about Me.’ In one of the pages, there was a scarecrow in which Billy and Emily had pointed out. After the book was completed, Miss Jade sang the song, ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’ to related to what they saw in the book.


At activity time, Miss Jade set up a sensory activity for the children. This was an animal cleaning activity. Asha, Amber, Lukas, Matthias, Vivienne Mia, Emily, Billy and Jairaj all enjoyed washing the dirty farm animals. Vivianne and Matthias were playing with the sensory activity where they had to clean the dirty animals in soap. Vivianne was using the washer that Matthias had used before and he got upset. Miss Jade called out to Vivianne and she gave back the washer and found another.

Blaise at activity time had enjoyed the sensory activity. She thought she was finished with cleaning the cow in the soapy water, but realised that there was still dirt. She made sure that she kept cleaning until there was no more dirt on the cow.

Miss Des’ree had set up the pieces of wood on the mat. Emily and Mia used these pieces to carefully tower them up. They used all the pieces to build a very tall tower Mia was enjoying playing with the magnets on the mat. Using the numbered magnets, she began counting the magnets and pointing at them. Good Job Mia!

Over all we have had a wonderful day in the toddlers room!

Miss Jade and Miss Des’ree



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