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Our day…
A beautiful calm day in the Toddlers room today with our friends Matthias, Michael,
Billy, Mia, Emily, Asha, Amber, Jairaj, Blaise and Lukas.

Our morning began with a fun play outside in the yard. Mia and Emily were both very excited to see each other and gave cuddles before heading off to play.

During our play outside this morning Miss Jo gathered the Toddler 1 and Toddler 2 class and did some singing. We sang:
– If your happy and you know it
– The wheels on the bus

We were all very hungry for morning tea and Miss Jo and Miss Naomi were very impressed with how well the children sat to eat their yummy watermelon, protein balls and apple. Well done toddlers.

Today we celebrated diversity through Harmony Day!! We have to say that our classroom was very harmonious with the playing beautifully with one another. Miss Naomi did some rainbow coloured handprints with those children who were eager to paint.

We watched some bonding taking place between some of the children today. Mia had a little chat with her friend Jairaj once he arrived to kindy this morning.

Michael was excited to see his friend Matthias and waited eagerly for him to finish morning tea so that they could play together.

Thank you for a fun and happy day!!
Miss Jo and Miss Naomi

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