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Our Day…………

Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree have enjoyed a fantastic day with the toddlers.

This morning we welcomed a new friend to our room, welcome Michael!

Out in the yard Billy and Mia had lots of fun throwing and catching different colored balls to Miss Des’ree. To extend on Mia and Billy’s interest in balls we decided to do ball painting on the veranda. The toddlers loved participating in the activity and getting messy.

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At activity time Emily had fun dancing to the music bouncing her body and clapping her hands to the wiggles. Good dancing Emily!

Michael enjoyed exploring the room playing with one toy and quickly moving to the next he was very curious and busy discovering things in his new class.

Lukas was a busy boy at activity time packing and unpacking his bag asking his educators for help every now and then.
Asha kept herself entertained with the abacus moving the beads in all different directions.

Matthias was helping our mini toy cars out of a traffic jams sliding them on the tables and rolling them on the floor.
Overall the day has been beautiful, busy and full.


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