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Hello and welcome to a week of fun , love, laughter and learning with the toddler 1 room. Our morning began with some chalk drawing at the easel and some new coloured  pens at the table that Ocean, Daisy and George enjoyed.  We welcomed George back from his holiday and he was happy to see his friends. Jules had missed George and he was very excited to see him. Jules, Sophie and Millie went to Tumble tots and when they came back we were ready for morning tea. Joaquim was dressed in a superman cape and he pretended to do a spin and fly.

Leila arrived in a little witches outfit. Please enjoy the photos as Daisy, Ocean, Sophie and Millie also put on the witches hats. George was all smiles as he put on one of the hats. The scarves were very popular and Daisy and Ocean started laying them on the floor and said to Miss Rowena that they were making beds they then laid down pretending to be in bed. Miss Parisa joined us for activities this morning. After morning tea Miss Rowena set up the ingredients ready to make some black play dough. This is always so much fun as we learn about maths as we count and discover science as we observe color change. To make black colour we got  blue, green and red food colouring and mixed it with our playdough mixture. Sophie, Ocean, Joaquim, Daisy, Millie, George, Jules and Leila were all involved in this wonderful scientific discovery. They were amazed as the combination of the 3 colours changed into black. Wow what an experience for everyone. To extend on interest we put in some insects with the play dough. George picked up a spider and started singing Incy Wincy Spider.

At group time we read Ten Little Pumpkins as we counted to ten and had some fun with puppets and musical toys. At morning tea we had a picnic and at lunch sat at the tables as it was yummy nachos but messy!!!! Have a lovely evening with love from Miss Sue , Miss Rowena and Miss Parisa OXOXOXOXOXOXOXO