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Our day…
We have had a beautiful day in the Toddlers room with our friends Amber, Mia, Emily, Asha, Matthias, Vivianne, Michael, Billy and Lukas.

We enjoyed a big play outside in the yard with lots of fun play opportunities set up for us. Miss Des’ree had organized a home corner area with a BBQ and some food for role play experiences. This was enjoyed by Mia and Emily and some of our Toddler 2 friends. Asha and Billy were excited to play with the water in the water trough!! They enjoyed splashing the water over themselves. They then moved on to a quiet activity of reading books on the deck area.

The large foam blocks were very popular again today with Billy, Emily and Mia using their big muscles to climb over the blocks. Emily and Mia enjoyed sitting on top of the blocks and watching their friends around them. Billy thought it was more fun to jump right off them!!

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Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree are working on the toddler’s listening skills and concentration skills and we used our group time experience to foster this development. The toddlers were all encouraged to sit on the mat for a short 10 minute group time experience that involved a story and some singing. Some of the children required teacher assistance to follow directions but we all managed to sit for our group time experience and have an enjoyable time. During this time we sang the story The Wheels on the Bus and we also did some singing with the felt puppets which Amber, Mia, Vivianne, Michael and Matthias all really enjoyed.

The children were encouraged to choose what they wanted to play with during activity time and we brought the trucks from outside inside to foster this interest. Miss Jo noticed that Matthias and Michael were bonding and developing a friendship whilst playing with the toy trucks. They used the trucks to race around the room with each other and eventually left the trucks and began exploring their play environment together. They showed an interest in each other by looking out for each other throughout the morning and giggling when they found each other. Vivianne was also intrigued with the friendship that was developing and joined in the fun.

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Lukas showed an interest in the puzzles and joined in with his friends Emily, Billy, Amber and Mia at the table where they all worked hard on their puzzles. It was lovely to see Lukas get involved in an activity using his own initiative.
Asha, Emily and Mia found some dress ups in home corner that they were eager to try on. They brought their dress ups over to Miss Jo for assistance. They then resumed their role playing experience in home corner as they remained dressed up.

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A very happy day for all………

Miss Jo and Miss Des’ree