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Our day

What a beautiful and eventful day in the toddlers room. Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy shared group time today the toddlers loved the song 5 cupcakes from the bakers shop. One by one Miss Amy and Miss Des’ree would call one of the toddlers names to “buy” a yummy cupcake and gobble it up! All the toddlers were excited to buy their own and pretend to eat it. After out cupcakes the toddlers acknowledged and embraced some of the aboriginal culture we sang the aboriginal greeting.

“ Here is the land

Here is the sky

Here are my friends

And here am I”

Miss Amy and Miss Des’ree decided to expand on the toddlers interest in the song 5 cupcakes from the baker shop. For activity time Miss Amy prepared an art activity using glitter for sprinkles and pink and purple colours for the frosting! Blaise, Asha, Billy, Amber, Matthais and Emily loved using glitter for their cupcakes and expressing themselves in their painting. Beautiful work toddlers!

All the toddlers did a wonderful job and practicing personal hygiene this morning. Before morning tea the toddlers transitioned to the bathroom and helped themselves to the soap, water and paper towels. Miss Amy monitored the toddlers and was delighted to see them wash their hands and dry them on their own!

The toddlers heard their favourite songs during activity time, Vivianne, Matthias, Billy, Blaise and Lukas enjoyed dancing to:

–         Wheels on the bus

–         Dingle dangle scarecrow

What great groovers!

Over all we have had a wonderful day in the toddlers room!

Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy-jo


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