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Our day ….

The toddlers have had a beautiful day with Mr Blair and Miss Des’ree. We started the morning off with group time, Miss Des’ree wanted to explore numeracy songs with the toddlers so she brought in some special, new felt puppets. Today we sang:

–          5 current buns

–          5 jelly fish

–          5 humpty dumpty’s sitting on a wall

–          Insy winsy spider

–          Good morning welcome song

All the toddlers sat down and listened to the new songs participating when they felt confident and enjoying the visual felt puppets. Fabulous job toddler!

Mr  Blair set up a butterfly activity for the toddlers to explore during activity time, Lukas, Blaise, Amber, Billy and Mia loved the different colours and the different materials that were left out for them to explore. Playdough was a huge hit with the toddlers last week so Miss Des’ree decided to make some more for the toddlers to experiment with, to expand on the activity Mr Blair added rolling pins, paintbrushes and cookie cutters for Blaise,  Amber, Mia, Billy, Asha and Emily to utilize.

Matthais and Michael have been playing together for most of activity time, when Miss Des’ree played some music the boys got the musical instruments and started dancing together smiling and giggling as they listened to the wiggles. Other friends saw the fun and joined in for a mini disco.

Over all Miss Des’ree , Mr Blair and the toddler enjoyed their day growing, learning and laughing.

Thank-you toddlers!