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Our Day…

Today the toddler have made Miss Amy and Miss Des’ree very proud. During activity time and outside play they have been using their words to negotiate toys, books and bikes. Its been a very peaceful day. Well done Toddlers!

There was a lot of imaginary play going on in the toddler yard this morning. Emily approached Miss Des’ree and said “ look baby has a sore” she walked over to Mia who said she was a doctor. Together they examined the babies arm. Mia walked over to the mud kitchen and got some medicine (bark) and put it on the babies arm. Together the girls walked over to the soft cushions and but baby to sleep

At play time this morning there was lots of happy busy toddlers. Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy set up a table with a cloth and brought out home corner foods, plates and cutlery for them to explore. Emily, Mia , Amber, Matthias, Lukas, Asha and Vivianne all enjoyed exploring the new set of toys. Emily used the plastic knife and cut up some chocolate for her friends.

We had the blue playdough out for activity time we added cookie cutters, plastic pizza separates and rolling pins. Asha, Amber, Matthias and Vivianne loved the playdough table and used the tools to craft things from their imagination.

Miss Des’ree did group time this morning. To begin the day we read The Very Hungry caterpillar. Miss Des’ree challenged the toddlers again by asking questions on what the toddlers saw. The class discussed all the assorted foods they saw in the book and enjoyed all the colourful pictures. When the caterpillar transformed into a butterfly it flew to the toddlers and gave them a kiss and a cuddle. The toddlers giggled with excitement and said goodbye to their friend.

Thank-you toddlers

Miss Des’ree and Miss Amy-jo


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