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Our day
We have enjoyed a lovely Monday in Toddlers 1 with our friends Matthias, Billy, Amber, Emily, Mia, Asha, Lukas, Michael and our new fried Jairaj. Mia was very welcoming to our new friend and sat on the mat with him as he played with the toy trucks. Jairaj was also quite cuddly and enjoyed hugs from his educators as he settled into his day.

Miss Des’ree set up some wonderful play experiences in the yard this morning. Emily enjoyed playing in the home corner area that was created for role play experiences. Billy was excited to find the toy trucks to push around the yard. Miss Des’ree also had some bubble blowing which encouraged the toddlers to chase and run. Miss Jo sat with some children and read some stories. Blake had chosen a Thomas the Tank story and Mia and Emily joined her on the cushions outside. One of the characters in the story was named Emily. When Mia heard this she made the connection straight away pointing to her friend Emily and saying ‘Emmy’.

Miss Jo did a great group time after our play outside this morning. All the children love sing along with Miss Jo she always has the children’s attention, the toddlers are always smiling with big grins and giggling after group times with Miss Jo. Today we sang:

• Mr Frog
• Wiggly Worm
• How does a Caterpillar go?
• Head, shoulders, knees and toes
• Humpty Dumpty
• 2 cheeky monkeys.

During activity time the children were encouraged to choose activities that interested them. Lukas found a toy box and tipped it upside down and began banging on it like a drum!! Asha enjoyed sitting in book area playing with some hand puppets and the bead frames. Her friend Billy joined her for a little play too. Emily, Mia, Billy, Asha and Jairaj were interested in the painting activity that Miss Des’ree had organized!! Emily and Amber sat at the puzzle table and enjoyed some quiet time as they worked on their puzzles. Michael and Matthias found some dinosaurs and trucks that kept them busy during activity time.

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We have all had a very happy and productive day!!!